Thursday, July 30, 2009

trig palin

Why Palin's Bailin'
(Trig Palin has Down's syndrome.) Nelson thought better of the post, pulled it, and offered an apology. He should have apologized for being unoriginal. ...
Palin Derangement Syndrome - Photoshopping Trig
Dan Riehl discovered an appalling use of Photoshop to mock Trig Palin at Firedoglake, one of the bigger lefty websites. Courtesy of Doug Ross, ...
Vote on It:
But it keeps coming back to Trig." Jacobson cites a multitude of attacks on Trig Palin beginning with Sarah Palin's VP nomination and continuing to her ...
Baby Trig Palin brunt of jokes
Linda Kellen Biegel, a liberal Alaskan blogger, put her children back in the spotlight but this time, the focus was on Palin's special needs child, Trig, ...

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